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Foodopia. Global Food Citizenship"
Keynote lecture, 10th International Conference on Culinary Arts and Sciences (ICCAS) Kopenhagen 2017

Food Citizenship. Civilizing Future Humanity
published in: Integrated Human Sciences Program for Cultural Diversity, Todai University Tokyo, 2017, 1-20

Toward an economy for common welfare and good living
Lecture, University Tokyo, Center for Philosophy (UTCP), October 2013

Doing Art. On the philosophy of art as praxis
March 2010

The Joy of Soy. Tofu as a Category of Food Philosophy
Kyoto (Japan), April 2010

Climate Justice and Future Food (GERMAN)
Lecture, University of Dresden, November 2009

Living in the Veggies. Urban Agriculture and the Global Renaturalization of City Life
in: CULTURE | NATURE. Art and Philosophy in the Context of Urban Development, ed. by Anke Haarmann and Harald Lemke, Berlin 2009, 109-126.

The Chinese Wisdom of Eating or the Future of Communism (GERMAN)
Sample from: Harald Lemke, The Wisdom of Eating. Gastrosophical Fieldworks, Munich 2008 (GERMAN)

Zen-Practice or the Japanese Way of Eating (GERMAN)
Sample from: Harald Lemke, The Wisdom of Eating. Gastrosophical Fieldworks, Munich 2008 (GERMAN)

The Dispositive of Obesity. Why we need a new food ethics (GERMAN)
Lecture, Rügen, Juni 2009 (Abstract)

Food Knowledge - What is and what for Gastrosophy?(GERMAN)
EPIKUR. Journal für Gastrosophie, Online-Zeitschrift, Salzburg 2009

The Convivium. Between a Global Politics of Hospitality and an Individual Ethics of Gastfreundschaft (GERMAN)
Vortrag im Mai 2009, Universität Vercelli/Italien

Toward a Philosophy of Art beyond traditional Aesthetics (GERMAN)
recenseo, Texte zu Kunst und Philosophie 2008, Online (Erstabdruck: infection manifesto.Zeitschrift für Kunst und Öffentlichkeit, No. 5, 2004, S. 7-24)

Good Art makes Sense! Harald Lemke interviewed by Judith Siegmund (GERMAN)
recenseo, Texte zu Kunst und Philosophie 2008, Online (First published: infection manifesto.Zeitschrift für Kunst und Öffentlichkeit, No. 5, 2004, S. 7-24)

The Ethics of Taste. Principles of a Philosophy of Food or Towards a New Gastrosophy (pdf)
Lecture at the International Conference Food Value & Taste, University of Aarhus, November 6-7, 2008

The Weltgeist of Sugar. Colonialism, Calories, Capitalism - Reflections of a sweet life (GERMAN)
Neue Züricher Zeitung, September 2008 - Press-Prize 2008 of the Swiss Diabetes Foundation

Critical Theory of Food Culture (GERMAN)
In: Kulturwissenschaften. Konzepte, Theorien, Autoren, (ed.) I. Därrmann / Ch. Jamme, München 2007, 169-190

What is Praxology? From Karl Marx and Critical Theory to Philosophy of Praxis (GERMAN)
In: Die Übergangsgesellschaft des 21. Jahrhunderts. Kritik, Analytik, Alternativen, (ed.) Horst Müller, Norderstedt 2007, 66-85

Philosophy and Culinaristics (GERMAN)
Lecture of Behave of the Annual Meeting of the German Academy for Culinaristics, Berlin March 2007

Critique of the Popular Discourse of Gouvernamentality. On the Actuality of Foucault's late Philosophy (GERMAN)
Aufklärung und Kritik, 1/2007, 93-106

The True Taste of Zen. On the Japanese Way of Eating - ryorido (GERMAN)
In: Polylog. Zeitschrift für interkulturelles Philosophieren, Nr. 17, Wien 2007

The Manifest of the Culinary Futurism. Approaching the early Eat Art Avantgarde in Italy (GERMAN)
recensio. Texte zu Kunst und Philosophie, Saarbrücken 2006

"Sauerkrautpartitur". The Extended Art of Eating: Joseph Beuys' unknown Gastrosophy (pdf)
in: Sansai Gakurin. Environmental Journal for the Global Community, (University Kyoto) No. 2, 2007, 53-68

Talking about the Way of Eating - ryorido (pdf)
Lecture at the Doshisha University, Kyoto December 2005

Cooking as Art. Philosophy of Culinary Praxis. (GERMAN)
Lecture in the context of the exhibition "Restauration a.a.O. // Dieter Froelich", Hannover September 2005

Phenomenology of Taste (GERMAN)
In: Dietrich von Engelhardt, Rainer Wild und Gerhard Neumann (Hrsg.), Geschmackskulturen, Campus Verlag New York Frankfurt/M, 2005

Shopping with Socrates (GERMAN)
Lecture, University of Lüneburg, Mai 2004

On Ludwig Feuerbach, the Author of the Slogan:
"Humans are, what they eat" / "Der Mensch ist, was er isst" (GERMAN)

In: Aufklärung und Kritik, 1/2004, 117-141

Nietzsche or the Will to Sausage (GERMAN)
in: Mitteilungen des Internationalen Arbeitskreises für Kulturforschung des Essens Heft 11/ 2003

The Art of Friendship (GERMAN)
BRAND EINS, Wirtschaftsmagazin, Interview Februar 2002

"Oh friends, there is no friend...". The Praxis of Friendship as an Art of Social Living (pdf)
in: Contemporary culture and aesthetics, Issues No. 2, Maastricht, October 1995

Interview with Axel Honneth: Struggle of Recognition and Engagement. Ways to Normative Foundations of Critical Social Theory (GERMAN)
In: Widerspruch. Münchner Zeitschrift für Philosophie, 14. Jahrgang, Heft 26, 1994 (together with Roger Behrens)